Mobdro APK Download for Android 2021

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Mobdro is an Android App that allows its users to stream videos for free. It’s an entertainment App with access to Tv Shows, Movies, and much more on the go. In the past days, we had to wait for our favorite tv shows or movies to be screened on television, it had a fixed time for screening and can watch only a single episode on a day, or had to go to cinemas for your movies to be screened on it.

Now in this age of binge-watching with this advanced technology at our hand’s Apps like Mobdro provide free. Mobdro has a system where it keeps checking from Youtube for all the viral and best content and shares the links on this App for their users.

Mobdro is available exclusively for Android devices and can be used on any device with Android 4.2 and the later versions. Mobdro has wide content ranging in categories like channels, shows, and news. Mobdro is used by people all over the world to discover and stream videos in various languages and on several different Topics.

These apps have made our life easier, and to have such entertainment on the go will make it very convenient for us.

App Information

Name Mobdro
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version v2.2.8
Price Free
Size 17.7M
Mod Working 100%
Category Entertainment


Features of Mobdro App:

Mobdro is, without a doubt, a revolutionary with amazing features. It is not like any other streaming apps that are present these days and has been giving its competitors a tough time with the features like:

User-Friendly and seamless Interface– one of the best things about this app that it doesn’t need any registration and to navigate through it you don’t need an account. All the content available on this app is free of cost which is not available on the other streaming apps. This App is very easy to navigate through with organized Categories with the user’s preference like news, music, trailers, channels, sports, gaming, tech, lifestyle, funny, and animals. And the search bar provides excellent search results and gives a variety without even having to type each time.

Similar to Youtube: Mobdro is similar to Youtube as you can directly share like and comment on this App, by just logging in from your Google Account. It categories everything just like Youtube so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Compatibility with Chromecast – One of the best features of this streaming app is that it is compatible with Chromecast so that you can now connect and configure it with your TV screen and watch all the Android’s favorite videos on it.

Never lose your favorite videos by Saving them and Share – If you have videos that you like and want to watch later on Mobdro by bookmarking them by selecting the icon. It also has the feature of acting as a social media by sharing it with your friends via email or other Social media accounts.

Screen wake time – When you get exhausted while watching a movie and end up sleeping mid-movie, Don’t worry about draining your phone battery. Mobdro has the Sleep timer feature which will automatically reduce your screen wake time.

Streaming of Videos in High Quality – Mobdro provides the whole experience with High-Quality Videos. All this is available in so many languages and variety at your fingertips.

Steps on How to Download Mobdro:

Step1 – Start by switching on your Android Device and then open the web browser you prefer.

Step2 – Then in the Search tab type:

Step3 – On this page locate the word “Download Mobdro” at the bottom of the page and click on it.

Step4 – then a message window will appear prompting you if you will like to download from an unknown source. In your Android settings, you can go and grant the permission.

Step5 –  when the permission is granted, the App starts downloading on your device. After downloading and installing it, you can browse it for all the streaming experience!


  1. Do I need to make any payments to make an account on Mobdro?

Answer) Mobdro is fully free. It also has Streaming available in Two Different modes like ADS and NO ADS.

2.     Can Mobdro be accessed on iOS devices?

Answer) No Mobdro can only be accessed on Android devices.

3.     Can we stream Mobdro in all the countries worldwide?

Answer)  Mobdro is restricted in several countries, unfortunately. If the IP address does not match it then you will not be able to enjoy this App.

  1. Is Mobdro available on Roku?

Answer) Roku doesn’t support it, hence it’s not available on Roku.

  1. Can Android users download Mobdro from Google PlayStore?

Answer) No, Mobdro cannot be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

Wrapping it Up :

Mobdro is a streaming app for Android and it offers various variety of content in several languages. Follow these steps to download it to your Android device. Happy Streaming!